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Monday, December 10, 2012

IDOL-izing Elliot Yamin!!! (MyMusic Presents Ep. 11)


Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Pictures

RT : Good times w at Acoustic Night4Sandy Relief. Photo...

 Elliott's car
 BigBlueTest Video Shoot

 BigBlueTest Video Shoot
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Elliott Yamin just returned yesterday from Japan Billboard Live Shows

These are all the gifts that Elliott's thoughtful fans give him in Japan!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Elliott Yamin & Eric Scullin preparing for a gig last month

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Elliott Yamin doing 5 shows in Japan with Billboard Osaka in November

I Just Texted to Say I Love You

It seems that today's tech-obsessed culture will do anything they can to avoid interacting face-to-face! So singer Elliott Yamin helped us adjust the classic Stevie Wonder love song "I Just Called To Say I Love You" and update it with a more modern twist. 

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Elliott Yamin after shooting BigBlueTest video at Yoshi in San Franciso

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Monday, August 20, 2012

New Pictures of Elliott

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Saturday, July 21, 2012



Happy Birthday, Elliott Yamin!

Season 5’s Elliott Yamin celebrates his birthday today. It’s hard to believe it was six years ago that Elliott made a name for himself on American Idol. His warm personality, smooth vocals, and his doting mother Claudette made him one of the most beloved contestants ever on the show. Since his time on Idol, Elliott has had a lot of success in the music industry, but he always makes time to help those in need.
Elliott has released the albums Elliott Yamin, Fight for Love, and the holiday records Sounds of the Season: The Elliott Yamin Holiday Collection and My Kind of Holiday. His first album, Elliott Yamin, debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album was the highest new artist debut on an independent label in SoundScan history. On October 12, 2007, the album was certified gold. His hit single "Wait for You" was certified Platinum in digital sales on October 16, 2008. In total, Elliott has had four #1 hits on the Billboard charts. In February of 2011, Elliott released his third studio album, Gather ‘Round, but it was made available exclusively for the Japanese market.
The charitable Idol has worked with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Promise to Remember Me Campaign, the Inspired by Diabetes Creative Expression Competition, the Life for a Child Program, World Diabetes Day, Malaria No More, and Africare. He’s traveled to Africa twice for Idol Gives Back to raise awareness about malaria prevention with Malaria No More. Read more about his last trip to Africa.
Elliott lives with diabetes, hearing loss, and was in Chile during their devastating 2010 earthquake. He is an inspiration to many fans and people!
Happy Birthday, Elliott!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Finalists Live – phenomenal entertainment that shows why

BRANSON, Mo., May 20, 2012 — At first blush, “The Finalists Live ” provides those who have said, “Branson needs a show that will appeal to a younger demographic” with an answer to their prayer. What more could they ask for, five of the most talented vocalists in the nation, as proven by their performance on the hit show “American Idol,” not only singing some of today’s most popular songs, but original music they have written. However, after experiencing this show, I can say it is all of that and so much more.
First off, it is an entertainment experience in the best Branson tradition with the five Idol finalists giving as quality and energetic performance as has ever been seen on a Branson stage. In the days leading up to going to the show last night, I had talked with numerous people who had seen the show and not one of them had anything, but positive comments. More than one person had said, “When you see them perform you realize just how talented a person has to be to make the finals on ‘American Idol.’”
We attended the show with friends who are giving a second opinion for my “reviews” and at intermission, Arlan A said, you guessed it, “You can see why they made it as far as they did on “American Idol.” Folks, these people are not just good they are excellent, beautifully performing a broad variety of music with passion, energy and in a manner that holds your rapt attention throughout the show.
The show was performed in “Andy Williams Moon River Theatre” and the Finalists were accompanied by a live band and three backup vocalists who did an outstanding job. Three large screens on the back and sides of the stage provided an added element of color and interactivity as they showed graphics appropriate not only for the particular performer, but the number they were performing and, along with the outstanding lighting and sound, helped enhance the overall enjoyment of the show.
Pete Peterkin, a 2009 Finalist from “Americas Got Talent,” was the first act of the evening. He warmed the audience up with his comedy and impressions. Although he did a number of impressions, the two that were my favorites were his Ray Charles and President Obama.
The Finalists started off with all five performing together. It was a “musical introduction” that introduced the audience not only to them, but the personality, originality, fun, energy and quality of the individual performances that were to follow as they performed the “Black Eyed Peas” hit “I Gotta Feeling” and the “Pink”  hit “Get The Party Started.”
And “get the party started” is just what the top 11th finalist of last year’s American Idol show, Thia Magia, did as she performed her set. The youngest Finalist in American Idol history at the time she appeared on the show, now 17, performed a set of four numbers including “Out Here On My Own” which she had performed on American Idol.
Next was Elliott Yamin who came in 3rd on American Idol in 2006. All of his set were original songs that he wrote. His “Virginia,” about his home state of Virginia touched my heart.
Blake Lewis, left, Kimberly Caldwell and Elliott Yamin performing "Need You Now."
Kimberly Caldwell, who was the 7th place finalist on American Idol in 2003 and who had performed as a member of the “Country Tonite” show in Branson prior to that, returned to Branson in grand style. Her powerful performance of her original song, “If You’re Gonna Fall” set the tenor for her set which led into intermission as Elliott Yamin and Blake Lewis joined her during the last half of her last song, the Lady Antebellum hit “Need You Now.”
The second half of the show started off with Beat Box performer Blake Lewis who was the American Idol runner up in 2007. The highlights of his unique and entertaining set for me was his rendition of the Bon Jovi hit, “You Give Love A Bad Name” and the improvisation he does when he picks audience members, introduces them, as well as the audience to some of the equipment he uses in his act, and then incorporates it into a number.
Lee Dewyze the 2009 Winner of American Idol performed a five number set of which four were original songs. The last song he performed was his version of the Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah” which he performed on his way to winning American Idol.
All of the finalist came out and performed “Life In A Northern Town” and an encore “R-O-C-K In The USA.” What a wonderful and powerful end to a great nights entertainment. There was intentionally no individual comments about their individual “set” performances because each was so outstanding not only in terms of the manner of their presentation, vocal style and skill, but in the way they related to their audience.
This is a unique one of a kind show, performed by some of the finest vocalists one is likely to hear, not only in Branson, but anywhere. Combine that with their individual manner of performing, original songs, live band and the way they shared vignettes about themselves and their music and the result is a special entertainment experience that should not be missed.
It should be pointed out that this group of Finalists will be performing through June 16. A second group of Finalists, with an entirely new show,  Diana Degarmo, runner up in 2004 and current actress in the CBS program “The Young and the Restless;” Scott Savol, who placed 5th in Season 4; Siobhan Magnus, who placed 6th in Season 9; Ace Young from Season 5 and Alexis Grace from Season 8 will perform from June 18 through July 21 and a third group Reuben Studdard , 2004 Winner of American Idol®; Bo Bice, Runner-Up to Winner Carrie Underwood in Season 4; Vonzell Solomon, who placed 3rd in Season 4; Katie Stevens from Season 9 and RJ Helton from Season 1 will perform from July 23 through August 18.
For additional information or tickets on the Finalist Live show or any of Branson’s other shows and attractions or for lodging arrangements please contact the Branson Tourism Center (BTC), one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services, by either calling their toll free number 1-800-785-1550 or through their website www.BransonTourismCenter.com.
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Elliott Yamin Loves ‘Coming To America’, Magic Johnson & Prince: Favorites

Favorites is our recurring video series on the personal preferences of the pop artists who inspire us. Because the artists we love love stuff too.
We recently had the opportunity to chat with the wonderful Elliott Yamin, American Idol Season 5 alum and the brains (and magnetic voice) behind the vintage-soul-inspired Let’s Get To What’s Real, his third full-length studio release. Elliott indulged us by sharing his favorite things, from movies (he can quote the entirety of 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy Coming To America), music (he’s digging a new artist named JMSN, whom he calls “the second coming of Justin Timberlake” mixed with ’90s R&B) and sports (a photo of him with his boyhood idol Magic Johnson is one of his most-prized possessions). As for the most awe-inspiring concert experience he’s ever had as a fan? Well, it involved Prince‘s sweat. We know we’rejealous.
Watch our latest Favorites segment with the “Gather ‘Round” singer above, and let us know in the comments (or on Twitter and Facebook) if you’re as into Elliott’s faves as he is.
Thank you Becky Bain of Idolator for the video

Somebody That I Used to Know (Acoustic) Elliott Yamin,Lee Dewyze, Thia Megia, Blake Lewis

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Kendall Ruff with Elliott Yamin

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Keepin it country! #FinalistsLive in Branson,MO

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Funny Picture of Elliott Yamin

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Elliott Yamin Interview with Pepper on THE HOT PEPPER SHOW

Elliott Yamin stopped in on THE HOT PEPPER SHOW on KAZI 88.7FM in Austin, TX on 4-14-2012. Elliott was born in Virginia. You might remember Elliott as being in the top 3 finalist from American Idol Season 5. We had alot of fun, laughing, singing & if you didn't know, Elliott has some history in radio so he got to showcase that DJ Voice....LOL! He was not shy about the fact that he has Type I Diabetes and the importance of taking care of your health. When we spoke of his latest CD entitled "Let's Get To What's Real", Elliott stated he felt really good about this project!. Elliott Yamin's website is www.theofficialelliottyamin.com, follow on twitter @elliottyamin. Tune into THE HOT PEPPER SHOW on The Voice of Austin KAZI 88.7FM on Saturdays 6pm-9pm(CST). Listen Live @ www.kazifm.org! Follow me on Twitter @HotPepperShow

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Elliott Yamin Interview with Yahoo! Music's Reality Rocks

Yahoo! Music's Reality Rocks catches up with Season 5 finalist Elliott Yamin backstage at 'Idol' Season 11.  

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Pictures of Elliott Yamin

 Elliott Yamin in People's Magazine

Interview: Elliott Yamin Taps Back Into Original Influences as he "Get's Back to What's Real"

It’s been a long journey for Elliot Yamin since he became a household name as a finalist for American Idol back in 2006. After releasing two albums in the U.S. (the first went Gold), he found himself without a label stateside but had a great opportunity overseas and released his next album in Japan. Now a completely independent artist, Elliott seems excited as ever to have complete artistic control over his music and deliver his most personal effort yet. He just released his new album “Let’s Get to What’s Real” where he tapped back into his original soul influences for inspiration and in the process got back to real artistry. YouKnowIGotSoul caught up with Elliott for this interview to discuss the new album, creating this project on his own, his fan base in Japan, and his journey since American Idol.
YouKnowIGotSoul: Congratulations on the release of your new album “Let’s Get to What’s Real”. Talk about the title of the album and what it means to you.
Elliott Yamin: The title I feel is pretty indicative of what the album is. It’s real music, real musicianship, real artistry, real songs about real issues and real life situations. What I was able to do with this album was really get down to the realness of music and use some of my influences and get back to the sound that I kinda grew up on and try to portray that on this album.
YouKnowIGotSoul: When I was reading about the album, you were quoted as saying “This album is something I needed to do for me”. Can you explain that quote?
Elliott Yamin: Well first off, I didn’t really have any funding for this album, I did it all for myself, me and two other Jewish guys making soul music in the studio! *Laughs* I was so involved in this album from the executive side to the creative side to all points in between. My two previous albums, I was on a label and there was a little more money and attention paid to the process of recording it and putting it together. I just didn’t have the type of freedom that I guess I have on this album. I think that while at the same time I have an eclectic ear and I’m a fan of all music and all genres, and even though I’m known for having a pop hit and being a pop artist is what they call it, I felt that I needed to kinda get back to my roots with this album and kinda get away from a lot of the machine driven tracks. I wanted to make this album more musical and get down with more instruments and live instrumentation and live horns and bring players in that are in my band and incorporate them as well. I was able to accomplish all of that on this project and that’s what I’m really most proud of, that I got to do it my own way with no real outside help from any label.
YouKnowIGotSoul: I know on your last album you worked with some big name producers in r&b, but you mentioned this time you did it yourself. Do you feel like that made it your most personal effort to date?
Elliott Yamin: Absolutely 100%. It was great about getting that experience working with all of these great producers who’ve had all of these hits under their belt in the past, but my job was mainly just to show up and sing. I didn’t really get to be that creative. I wanted to get out of that. I’m a real artist and I’ve got shit to say….or I’ve got “things” to say, excuse me. *Laughs* I got things to talk about and I want to show the listener my growth and show how I’ve evolved. So what I’m saying is I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned in those recording processes and apply it to my own thing. Every song on this album is personal; it comes from a personal experience in my own words. Some songs have a little more personal meaning than others, but overall there’s definitely a 100% personal touch to this whole album.
YouKnowIGotSoul: We featured your song “Gather ‘Round” from this album on the site. Talk about that song.
Elliott Yamin: “Gather ‘Round” was a song that I kinda started the melody and top line for when I was recording my last album “Fight for Love”. So I’ve kinda had that in my back pocket for awhile. I just wanted to do a fun party song, I like the concept of everybody just coming around and gathering in one place and just having a good time. That’s just basically what it’s about. It’s just a fun song to perform and listen to and it just kinda captures a really fun vibe. I think it’s a great way to start off the album because there are elements of funk, soul, rock & roll, any kind of genre you can think of on this album, so that song kinda tells you what to expect the rest of the way during your listening journey. *Laughs* It’s funny, it’s kinda like an instructional song, telling everybody to clap your hands and put your hands together and show up and get your groove on and have a good time. It’s really that simple, it’s just a really fun song.
YouKnowIGotSoul: Talk about the album you released in Japan only last year “Gather ‘Round”. What made you release it only overseas?
Elliott Yamin: Mainly because that’s the only deal I had on the table was with my label there in Japan. I had been signed here and I had been dropped and I still had a good thing going over there. The world’s a big place and music is that one language we all speak, so I’ve been very fortunate to keep my career afloat over there and tap into that market over the years. That’s where the sure thing was at the time and I had new material ready to roll out so I decided to take advantage of that and continue my relationship with the label over there and we wanted to get back over there and tour. It just made sense.
YouKnowIGotSoul: I’ve noticed a trend recently where a bunch of artists we’ve talked to have been doing the same thing with releasing their projects in Japan and keeping their career afloat. What type of appreciation do you feel they have out there for your style of music?
Elliott Yamin: First of all, let me just start from the beginning. My season on American Idol was as insanely popular in Japan as it was here. So, I think that from that time on there, the fans there just gravitated towards me and what I was doing. “Wait For You” was also a big hit over there as well so that helps open up more doors and opportunities for me over there. I just think that the Japanese fans are very loyal. When they like somebody, they just latch onto them and get so immersed in what that artist is doing which is really cool. They are just a really loyal fan base and I think they just have a deep affinity for soul singers and soul music in general. This new project is probably the most soulful effort that I’ve ever done. They were just feeling what I was doing. The Japanese fans are really in tune with whatever you say and they hang onto every word and they are just really loyal.
YouKnowIGotSoul: I mentioned your last album “Fight for Love” and how you had some big name producers on there like The Underdogs, Johnta Austin, and Stargate. We’re big fans of their work, so what do you remember most about working with them?
Elliott Yamin: It was great. Johnta was dope and so was Harvey [Mason Jr.]. It was just an honor to be in the studio with him because I was and I still am such a fan of his work with Joe and some of my favorite r&b artists over the years. So just to get to work with him was amazing. I love the stuff we did together, but again, I wasn’t able to really contribute other than laying down my vocals on songs. There’s nothing really challenging about that. When you’re growing and you’re trying to challenge yourself, that just wasn’t challenging to show up and sing because I have more to offer than that. Not to take anything away from Harvey and how they do things there, a lot of it has to do with my label finding songs for me that would fit the album. All of the experiences were amazing and I got to learn a lot just being in the studio and being around those kind of producers. Johnta is the man, he’s a really cool dude, and we didn’t really get to spend that much time together. Harvey, I did about four, five or six songs with over the past few years so I got to know him a little better and spend more time with him in the lab. Those songs that we did were pretty much in and out; show up and sing, peace out. There’s just more to it going forward. That’s what I wanted to really be a part of this time around.
YouKnowIGotSoul: People got to really know back when you were a finalist on American Idol in 2006. For those who haven’t really kept up with you since then, talk about the growth you’ve experienced.
Elliott Yamin: Just as an artist, just learning how to use my voice in the studio. I think just life experiences kinda lead to great writing and more opinions and getting to travel the world and see how the world works and experience different cultures and getting to travel to Africa and be a part of the Malaria initiatives over there. Spending all of this time in Asia and the Pacific Rim area. It’s just really matured me and opened my eyes to a lot of things that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to experience for myself had I not got the opportunity on American Idol. It’s just really opened my eyes and made me more mature and I think I’ve just grown as a person and I’m better for it. Learning all of the ins and outs of what making a record entails, it really is a labor of love. I use that “labor” heavily, it’s hard work, it’s not laboring physically. *Laughs* A lot of time and effort and a lot of heart and soul was put into this project. I think that just attributed to everything I’ve been through in my life from birth to now, so that’s what makes me even more proud of this project, getting to convey all of that on record. Just being fortunate to be in the position to do what I love and love what I do. I think it’s pretty evident on these recordings.
Thank you Tom from  You Know I Got Soul.com

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Check me out, on Good Day L.A this mornin...thx 4 the luv @GDLA

'Idol' Alum Elliott Yamin Delivers Strongest Album Yet On 'Let's Get To What's Real'

'Idol' Alum Elliott Yamin Delivers Strongest Album Yet On 'Let's Get To What's Real'

Elliott YaminBefore I start this review, full disclosure is needed:  I was not a big fan of Elliott Yamin during his run on American Idol, and when I picked up his debut CD in 2007 I felt justified in not really being a fan of his. Fast forward five years and one skipped sophomore album, and I feel now is the time to see if Elliott can change my opinion of him.
Let's Get To What's Real is the third album for Elliott and this time he decided to take more control. He brought in longtime collaborators Brett Nolan and Aaron Goldstein to help write and produce the album with him. This is the first album Elliott has put out that has used the same producers for the whole record.
The album is an eclectic compilation of songs that takes you from 1970s jazz/rock, to boyband pop, to soul all in one journey. At times you are lost in a world where a simple piano man is telling a great story, and others put you out on the dance floor grooving to the sweet sounds of horns and keys cranking out that hard-hitting music of yesteryear. And then after all that you are back in high school (at least for this writer) listening to the rise of the boybands once again. The interesting thing about all of this is that it actually works well.
"Let's Get to What's Real," "Enough Love," "Up, Down, All Around" and "Downtown" have a very Motown vibe to them. It's a soul-filled, jazz vibe right out of the sixties and seventies. Driven by horns and funky bass lines, these songs transfer you back to that smoke filled club of the seventies where people are shaking their goove things all over the dance floors.
"Thinkin' Bout You" and "Poison" are songs that would fit easily into the catalogues of boy bands like New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys and N-Sync.
Songs like "Virgina" transport the listener to the days of the late seventies, early eighties where piano men like Billy Joel and Elton John ruled the music world. It has that kind of vibe to it.
"I'll Be That Bridge" is a groovy, ballady song that makes you want to sway your hips and reach to the sky. It was written by co-producer Brett Nolan's father Kenny Nolan, who penned songs like "Lady Marmalade," "My Eyes Adore You" and "I Like Dreamin'" in the '70s.
"Self Control" and "Gather 'Round" are solid piano-driven songs that kick off the album. They have good beats and are fun to dance to. "Self Control" is my favorite of the two easily.
"3 Words" is the lead single from the album, and it was a great choice. The song is full of great emotion, great singing by Elliot, and great story. I found myself really moving to the song and enjoying the heck out of it. 
As a whole, Let's Get To What's Real is a fun trip back to the funky days of the seventies. It isn't disco, and it isn't Woodstock, but it has that feel that was brought on by bands like The Commodores and The Four Tops. To me it is a much improved album from 2007's self-titled debut. If you are a fan of Elliott from his American Idol days, this is the album you have been waiting for. It may not be the best album from an formerAmerican Idol contestant, but it is definitely a solid effort and a much improved sound for Elliott. 
Check out the video for the lead single "3 Words"

Thank you Brian Thomas for this great review!