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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Elliott Yamin: Singer reflects on life after American Idol

RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) - Life is awesome insists Elliott Yamin.
The 33-year-old singer spent the first half of 2011 in a Los Angeles recording studio putting the finishing touches on his latest album tentatively titled "Let's Get to What's Real."
"It’s really organic, it’s real soulful, it’s real R&B. Heavy songwriting, really conversational," Yamin said about his latest effort set to be released in August in the United States.
It will be Yamin's third studio album of original content.  Unlike his previous two albums, Yamin says this time he is not shooting for Top 40 success.

CLICK TO SEE: What happened to Elliott Yamin after 'Idol'

"My previous two albums I was focused on making contemporary music. I wanted to get back on the radio," said Yamin. "I did not do that with this album. It might hurt a little bit. But it might not, though. I don’t know that I have any singles. I just don’t really know. But that’s the exciting and challenging part about it."
Coming off his third-place finish on American Idol in 2006, the Henrico County-raised Yamin experienced great success.
His eponymous  debut album sold 590,000 copies the week it was released in 2007.
It went on to sell more than half a million copies and was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. 
The single "Wait for You" was certified Platinum and reached #5 on the U.S. Pop charts.
In 2009 Yamin released his second studio album of original material, Fight for Love.  That album only sold 49,000 copies.
"It’s been tough. Records don’t sell like they used to," Yamin said about the current state of the recording industry.  "Every year there’s a new crop of American Idol finalists, and they’re putting out albums and so you’re always competing," he said.
Still, Yamin says he’s thrilled to be part of the ongoing competition.
“To be able to do this for living, wake up, and come to the studio every day and challenge myself with new sounds and new lyrics and really getting creative is a real fortunate thing,” he said.
Yamin's rise from Richmond, VA karaoke star to national recording artist was a fast one. 
He went from singing in Virginia karaoke clubs in 2005 to touring the country one year later. His voice has carried him to concets in Asia, South America and Europe.
“I’ve been able to travel the world and experience so many different cultures," said Yamin. "Most importantly I've learned a lot about myself and the business.”
The business side of show business is one thing Yamin wished he knew more about before exiting the American Idol stage. 
"I wish I had more of an idea of how cut-throat it is," said Yamin. "People always talk about that. But [you don’t get it] until you’re really in it and experiencing the business aspect of it. You learn how fickle a business it is. It’s kind of become … not a 'what have you done for me lately' business, but more of a 'what can you do for me right now' business.”
Yamin is quick to point out he is doing what he loves and feels fortunate he has a career making music.
“Man I’m having a ball. Loving every second of it. Very happy,” he said.
Elliott Yamin is scheduled to perform in Richmond on June 4, 2011 at the Stone Soul Music and Food Festival.
CBS 6 Executive Producer!
Go to  http://www.wtvr.com/news/wtvr-elliott-yamin-20110505,0,4307930.story       


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elliott Yamin: Exclusive Interview!

I got a chance to speak with Elliott Yamin by phone on Monday about his new album and more, as he gets ready to join 14 fellow Idol alums in a pre-final concert bash, Tuesday May 24 at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles,  sponsored by AT&T.
It’s been two years since the release of Elliott Yamin’s last album, Fight For Love and he vows not to let so much time pass between albums.  He spent the early part of this year in Japan promoting an album, Gather Round that was produced especially for the Japanese market. Now he’s hard at work on a version of his album to be released in the United States and he could not be more excited.
Don’t expect a lot of studio tricks or auto-tune. Elliott is co-writing, co-producing and co-arranging his next album, getting even deeper into the process of album making.  And he’s doing it his way, working with collaborators to make an album of “organic… gritty, raw soul.”
Elliott hopes to get out on a short tour at the end of this summer.
About Elliott’s collaborators,  “Aaron Goldstein , is my co-writer and co-producer  and has been in my band since I’ve been off the show.  Brett Nolan owns the studio [they recorded in] is an engineer, but also co-produced and co-wrote the entire album with us. Brett’s Dad is Kenny Nolan. He’s the gentleman who wrote “Lady Marmalade”  [by Labelle]  and “My Eyes Adore You” by Frankie Vallie. He wrote “Masterpiece” by Atlantic Starr.  Brett and Kenny own their own studio in Van Nuys. I met Brett through Aaron. It’s just this amazing relationship [that began] almost a year ago.  Ever since that time we’ve just been writing song after song, really challenging ourselves as far as writing great material and involving as many live instruments as we can.  I’ve never really had the experience up until this point and I just have to say it’s been eye opening–it’s been amazing. The three of us together, collectively did this whole project together.  When I say together, we went into our own pockets and brought in horn players and we did it ourselves, our own way, which is really cool.”
How did the new album come together? “We did the entire Japanese album together. The only difference between the two—on the Japanese album, there are 4 songs that lean more towards the contemporary, mainstream vibe. I’ve had success in Japan with those types of songs on the radio. We were in the middle of making this album that was really just going to be an organic, live soul record. The Japanese—they weren’t really feeling the direction that I was going in, so I had to stop with the soul record, and bring up some of these contemporary records to include on the album, so we could have some success with it (chuckle).  After we promoted and toured over there back in February I had enough time to come back here and bring up those other songs that fit more in the lane of the album I wanted to release here—a more cohesive group of songs that all sounded like they belong together.
On the vibe of the American release:  “I guess you can call it “old school soul”. It’s just really soulful, it’s really organic. I feel it represents who I am and where I’m going. The songs are great because they all come from personal experience. It’s gritty, raw soul.”
When will the album come out? “Originally, I wanted to release at the beginning of the summer, but it’s taking us a little longer than I anticipated for us to get the final mix ready for mastering.  I’d say, over the next 10 days we’re going to have a finished, mastered album to be released here in the US.  I have a couple of small modest independent deals on the table right now. We’re just kind of sifting those deals, to figure out the best way to release it and I’m excited, because there are a couple of labels who are really interested and we’re just kind of weighing those out right now, figuring out the best way possible to release this album.”
Does he have a single picked out? “I don’t. That’s the big difference between this release and the last couple of releases –we’ve always had a single to kind of go off with. [The single] is still something we’re trying to figure out. Once we have a label, it will be easier. It’s one step at a time. The thing about this album, is that I wasn’t really catering to the radio sound. That’s obviously going to be our biggest challenge.  Also,  I’ve been blessed to have singles and songs on the radio. That’s something I’d love to continue, moving forward of course. But this time around, I haven’t been on a label–I haven’t had those kind of pressures. It enabled me to really hone in on the sound I wanted for this album  and worry more about the quality as opposed to the quantity— [rather than ] making sounds that everybody is trying to make. I’m just really happy that this product and this material personifies me and who I am and where I’m going as an artist. I want to have longevity in this career. And I think the music that we’ve made for this release is timeless and classic. At the end of the day, that’s all I can hope for. If things catch on and something works in the public, that’s an added bonus.
Upcoming plans, “As we speak, we’re trying to put together maybe a 3 or 4 week run at the end of August–try to get out and tour, play small clubs and get the word out about this album– get to perform some of this new material which I’m really excited about.”
Elliott is ready for his next album! “I hit a great stride with this album, and we’ve got so many ideas on the backburner right now that we kind of had to set aside.  Needless to say, there’s a whole litany of ideas that we had that we can’t wait to get back to and start writing and creating again. I don’t want as much time to lapse between albums anymore. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to get music out to the public and what I’ve been able to do over this past year in the studio is really build up my catalog and my cache of songs. It’s important as an artist—not to overdo it– but to keep that fan base engaged. That’s something I’ve really been trying to work on. “
Thoughts about this season of Idol, “Where do I start! I thought this season was amazing. I really loved the way the show focused on developing the artist. That’s something I think it got away from up until this season. I think they’ve giving the contestants a lot more to juggle than they ever have on the show and it was just a lot of fun to watch. It’s kind of strange that the two finalists are these young, country acts.  I’m not necessarily a fan of their voices per se, but for them to be as young as they are, and handle all the pressures that come along with being on the show, I think they’ve done a spectacular job. I wish them both the best of luck.”
Elliott has met them both, “I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both kids. They are both just really well-raised kids, really respectful. It’s been a fun season.”

Thank you MJ from http://mjsbigblog.com 
This is one of the best interviews I have seen!! 

Catching up with Elliott Yamin who is literally big in Japan

AT&T sponsored a concert/meet-and-greet outside Nokia Theatre last Tuesday with 15 former “American Idol” contestants and made several available for press calls, too.
The top 3 people requested by you, the readers, were Michael Johns, Diana DeGarmo and Elliott Yamin. Ask, and you shall receive! I last spoke with Yamin when he was in Atlanta in 2009 promoting his last U.S. release, “Fight For Love,” which sold only a small fraction of his self-titled debut album in 2007, which benefited from a world-wide hit “Wait For You.”
Yamin, who finished third season five and now lives in Los Angeles, is currently working on his third U.S. album and recently did commentary for the Hollywood Reporter about the top three. Not surprisingly, given his own predilections to soul and jazz, he loved Haley Reinhart and wasn’t excited about the top two.
To be honest, I’m kind of baffled by the final two. I’m sure Jimmy Iovine will find hits for these kids, but I just don’t see anything that unique about them, and I think we’re learning more and more that oftentimes, it takes a lot more than just a good voice, or even a great voice. I don’t hear a great voice in either one and it’s a singing competition.
Haley, he told me Monday, has “that raspy tone that I love. Any good-looking girl who can hold a note like that always raises the attractiveness factor. What put me over the top was that jazzy number she did with Casey Abrams. That was right up her alley. It’s a shame she’s not in the final. All the love she got will carry her a long way.”
He said Haley got rougher treatment from the judges than Lauren Alaina or Scotty McCreery. He felt the judges were sometimes “patronizing” to the teens. “I just think those were the times when I wish Simon was still on the show. There’s nothing patronizing about his comments!”
For Lauren and Scotty, he said before the finale, “they are in good hands no matter how they fare in the finale. This show has focused on developing the artist and really finding a lane for those artists. It’s kind of cool to see, especially young artists who are trying to find their way.”
Yamin was one of the least experienced singers ever to make the top three. He had virtually no stage time before “Idol,” unlike many others who have finished at No. 3, including Reinhart. In many ways for us viewers, that was his charm. He grew before our very eyes.
“I was totally learning on the fly,” Yamin said. “I was very green to the whole process. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about that. I learned so much.”
Yamin said he was treated relatively well by the judges, even Simon. But he still remembers how rough Simon was on Bucky Covington and Taylor Hicks (he calls him Tay-Tay), two of his closest friends from that season. “He trashed them any chance he could get,” Yamin recalled. The one that stuck was when Simon felt Taylor was like his drunk uncle at a wedding. He is also friends with Ace Young (”he lives right around the corner”), Blake Lewis (”I was actually texting him before this call”), Kimberly Caldwell, Michael Johns and Diana DeGarmo.
“There’s something about the show that all alums can relate to that very few people in the country can say they experienced or know what it’s like,” he said. “I think that common bond ties us tighter for eternity. I’m proud to be part of that fraternity.”
Yamin said he’s happy and his diabetes is under control. But without a hit song in a few years, his profile has gone down gradually over time and he knows it. “I will say it’s not a cake walk,” he said. “It’s only gotten harder. I know with each season that starts up, it turns out a new crop of Idols. So the further removed you are from the show, I find it a little harder to stay afloat. A lot of that has to do with how I’ve handled my own thing. One thing I’ve learned is nowadays it’s easier to get a song or record out than ever before. I want to work on utilizing all the tools and resources around me a little better. I don’t want these lapses between albums to be so long.”
He said he needs to nurture his his fan base. “I really need to work on my touring base and my online community,” he said. Touring is a challenge because that takes money he doesn’t have without label support. (He is no longer with Hickory Records.)
Interestingly, he’s had bigger success not in the United States but in Japan. He’s toured there four times now and has visited eight or nine times.
He even released a Japan-only album earlier this year. Why? “I haven’t wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out,” Yamin said. “They really appreciate soul music over there, soulful singers and genuine artists. And I feel like my career has enabled me to grow in my artistry. When I first came on the show, I was still trying to figure that out.”
Yamin has even tried to learn some basic Japanese. “It’s a sexy language,” he said. “It’s a difficult language.” He hasn’t done songs in Japanese though he has dueted with Japanese artists, who sing their parts in Japanese.
He said he will take some of his songs from his most recent album released in the U.S. and integrate them with new songs he’s working on now. He hopes to put together a cohesive album, something he still believes in despite the fact the world is now focused so much on singles.
“I’m not making music for yesterday,” Yamin said. “I’m trying to make music that’s timeless and has a lasting impression. Too many songs in the pop contemporary world are hot today, forgotten tomorrow. I want to have a sustaining career.”
He admits he does not listen to radio at all nowadays but gets his new music from the Web or from friends. He likes Florence & the Machine, Lady Antebellum and Amos Lee.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'American Idol' Finalists: Where Are They Now?

When it comes to working in show business, the competition starts anew after graduating from the Fox hit. How did these ambitious contestants fare? 

American Idol alumni are not unlike a military platoon, a fraternity pledge class or the cast of the Real World – 12 (or 13 this year) seemingly random people experiencing both a traumatic and exultant event in their lives, and one that will most certainly set the course for their future. And that’s not meant in the flowery way. For an Idol finalist, whether he or she comes in second or tenth, the lifetime affiliation and all that comes with it -- from adulation to annoyance -- is the same.
THR COVER STORY: Secrets Behind American Idol's Big Comeback
In fact, for most Idol grads, the competition starts again following the finale, as with each passing season, another dozen great talents enter the marketplace armed with name recognition in the tens of millions and looking for TV bookings, record deals, tours, studio time, etc.
For the Idols that decide to remain in L.A. after the show -- and a lot of them do -- it means having to be extra resourceful, thick-skinned and an expert networker. Not surprisingly, they often look to each other for support, creative flow and just a general sense of familiar empathy, which is one reason why we thought, in honor of Idol’s tenth anniversary, to gather 30 Idol grads (well, technically 29 and one vocal coach) who not only made it to Hollywood, but resolved to stay and work in entertainment. You might be surprised at what some former cast-offs are doing now.

1. Kristin Holt Adams
Season 1
  • Currently Hosting G4tv's X-Play and this fall's GT Academy on Speed Channel.
  • Formerly Girl who fell during audition; Lindsay Lohan's backup singer.
  • If she could change her Idol elimination song... "Song selection was my biggest problem.  I would have changed every song I sang when I competed on Idol! And My outfits -- pink sequined top and white pants! What was I thinking?
2. Anthony Fedorov
Season 4
  • Currently Releasing debut single, "You're Perfect," on June 29 with full album to come; Starring in touring production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
  • Formerly Top 4 contestant who beat the odds despite tracheotomy.
  • What he's learned about show business since his time on Idol... "That Idol will only take you so far once you’re done with the show. After Idol, it’s all up to you to take advantage of your opportunities.  Patience is the most important thing in this business. You’ll hear a lot more no than yes. 
3. Antonella Barba
Season 6
  • Currently Singer in local rock band LA-eX.
  • Formerly Jersey Shore-raised Idol hopeful with racy-picture past.
  • Favorite L.A. haunt... "There's a margarita joint on the promenade in Santa Monica and I love the tequila.  Also, El Carmen has over 200 types of tequila."
4. Becky O'Donohue
Season 5
  • Currently Ashley on Spike TV's Thunderballs; the voice of Breakstone's sour cream.
  • Formerly After making the Top 24, roles in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, CSI: Miami and ER.
5. Jared Cotter
Season 6
  • Currently Sharing songwriting credit on Jay Sean's No. 1 hit "Down."
  • Formerly Giving spirit fingers to Top 24 viewers; Host on Fuse TV
  • Favorite L.A. haunt... "Sunday Funday, cool vibe and cool people." 
6. Ace Young
Season 5
  • Currently Starting his label, Herrick Music; writing songs with Kimberley Locke; MTV pilot.
  • Formerly Idol heartthrob; Grammy nominee.
  • Thoughts on Season 10... "My country boy is kicking ass! My guy is gonna win!"
7. Kimberley Locke
Season 2
  • Currently Working on new music project with Ace Young; ABC's The Revolution.
  • Formerly Celebrity Fit Club grad.
  • What she's learned about show business since her time on Idol... "That when you’re off of Idol, that’s when the real work begins. You learn to be about your business."  
8. Luke Edgemon
Season 9
  • Currently Member of the Warblers on Glee.
  • Formerly Hollywood Week castoff.
  • What he's learned about show business since his time on Idol... "To never take a single moment for granted and to always strive for better. In L.A., being surrounded by so many phenomenal talents, it's good for me to be a not-so-big fish in a huge pond because it pushes me toward a level of excellence that I've never reached before.  I can't wait for what's next!"
9. Matthew Rogers
Season 3
  • Currently Host of Lifetime's hit Coming Home, he also wrote and sang the theme song.
  • Formerly Hosted Idol Extra, Discovery's Really Big Things; serenaded Simon Cowell with Lonestar's "Amazed."
  • What it felt like to walk into THR's reunion shoot... "Like a family reunion. It's good to see a lot of success in this room."
10. Michael Johns
Season 7
  • Currently Working on new music with help from Idol's Randy Jackson.
  • Formerly Aussie hottie. (OK, currently, too.)
11. Tim Urban
Season 9
  • Currently Performing new song on Eco Hollywood (CBS, May 28); finishing debut album.
  • Formerly Known as "Teflon Tim" for constantly dodging Idol elimination.
  • Thoughts on Season 10... "It's always funny watching the process and where the controversies will come from. I think they’re really talented, but I’m more curious about what happens afterward. I’m really curious to see where Casey Abrams will fit after the show, he can do so many things. Little Lauren has a huge voice and is just blowing it away. And Scotty, country music is so ready for a young guy to step up."
12. Lakisha Jones
Season 6
  • Currently Pursuing her acting career.
  • Formerly Spent two years starring as Sofia in Broadway's The Color Purple.
13. Elliott Yamin
Season 5

  • Currently Working on his third album (just released in Japan) and shopping for a new deal.
  • Formerly Second runner-up and Paula's pet.
14. Debra Byrd
Seasons 1-10
  • Currently One of three American Idol vocal coaches.
  • Formerly Backup singer for Barry Manilow; the original and only Idol vocal coach on Season 1.
  • What it felt like to walk into THR's reunion shoot... "I’m very impressed with how they've found their way in show business. They don’t all have record deals, but they are finding their way to their hearts desire and I applaud them all. They have courage... To be sent home in front of millions is hard to take, and they all have thick skin. I know what that journey feels like. They inspire me."   
15. Syesha Mercado
Season 7
  • Currently Starring in the Marvin Winans movie Dreams; releasing debut EP, Syesha, in June.
  • Formerly Third-placer; Deena in Dreamgirls.
  • What it was like to walk into THR's reunion shoot... "It seems like we all speak the same language. We all went through that bootcamp together. Idols understand other Idols." 
16. David Archuleta
Season 7
  • Currently Promoting his second album, The Other Side of Down.
  • Formerly Beloved Idol runner-up; Miranda Cosgrove's crush on iCarly.
  • What he's learned about show business since his time on Idol... "That I had what it took to do more than I thought I could." 
17. Pia Toscano
Season 10
  • Currently Interscope's next big thing.
  • Formerly Presumptive Season 10 winner.
18. Vonzell Solomon
Season 4
  • Currently Working on an EP; vocalist in the off-Broadway show Burn the Floor.
  • Formerly Second runner-up on season 4.  
  • If she could compete on a season of Idol other than her own... "It would be Season 10 because the new judges are more relaxed. However, performing for Simon Cowell was cool because I learned that I'm way stronger than I thought I was. I didn't crack under the pressure." 
19. Diana Degarmo
Season 3
  • Currently Starring as Doralee in the national tour of 9 to 5: The Musical.
  • Formerly After a stint in Broadway's Hairspray, she bared all for Hair.
  • Thoughts on Season 10... "Paul McDonald is my buddy and I kept up to watch him. I like the new judges. Steven Tyler is giving the Fox lawyers a run for their money on a nightly basis. J. Lo is awesome and Randy is holding it down for the old school folks." 
20. Mikalah Gordon
Season 4
  • Currently Pursuing an acting career; red-carpet reporting.
  • Formerly Rachel Berry before there was a Rachel Berry.
21. Todrick Hall
Season 9
  • Currently Campaigning for "token black boy" role in Glee via viral video.
  • Formerly Top 24 reject was part of the Tony-winning cast of Broadway's Memphis.
22. David Hernandez
Season 7
  • Currently Dancing in Louis Van Amstel's Ballroom With a Twist.
  • Formerly First guy out of the Top 12
  • Thoughts on Season 10... "It's cool to see new judges and all the changes they made. There's more focus on the voice this season, and a more positive spin on whole show. It felt like I was watching it for the first time." 
23. Jackie Tohn
Season 8
  • Currently Appearing on Bravo's Platinum Hit with ex-Idol judge Kara DioGuardi.
  • Formerly Top 36 reject.
  • Thoughts on Season 10... "Casey is my favorite because he does the music I like. I like Haley, too. Her voice has no limit, but I want her to growl a little less."
  • If she could change her Idol elimination song... "I should have sung 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' by Carole King."
24. Kris Allen
Season 8 WINNER!
  • Currently  Credited with writing Matthew Morrison's new single, "Still Got Tonight," which premieres on the Glee finale; working on songs for his second Jive album. "I could see myself doing more writing for other people," he says. "It's nice to be on the other side of things, and it's totally cool for somebody else to sing my songs."
  • Formerly: Season 8 winner with a heart of gold.
  • Thoughts on Season 10...  The judges are nice. I think it has to change with the times to last and hopefully these changes will keep happening and things will get better. The talent is really good." 
25. Didi Benami
Season 9
  • Currently Writing music for a fall release; pursuing acting.
  • Formerly Season 9's crying girl.
  • If she could change her Idol elimination song... "I had a choice between what I did and a cool rendition of Aaliyah's 'Try Again.'  It was always one of my favorite songs. I don't regret it, but that song gets to the heart of the business: 'If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again.'"
  • Favorite L.A. haunt: "Hotel Cafe is one of the best spots for all kinds of great artists to share their music, and Room 5 has a special place in my heart because its the first venue I started playing at in L.A." 
26. Casey Abrams
Season 10
  • Currently Enjoying the perks of post-Idol fame; jamming.
27. Kimberly Caldwell
Season 2
  • Currently Hosting VH1's Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp; promoting her just-released Capitol debut, Without Regret.
  • Formerly The bridge to all Idols as co-host (with Season 1's Justin Guarini) of TV Guide Network's Idol Wrap (R.I.P.)
28. Allison Iraheta
Season 8
  • Currently Writing songs for her second album.
  • Formerly Fourth-place finisher who got to spend the summer on tour with Adam Lambert.
  • What she's learned about show business since her time on Idol... "No more pop bull crap. A year after I was dropped from Jive, I really found my sound -- darker, bluesier, like Nine Inch Nails meets Lauryn Hill, sexy and different. I’m really proud of what I've done writing-wise." 
29. Casey Carlson
Season 8
  • Currently New to L.A. In her words: "Fresh off the boat."
  • Formerly Season 8 semi-finalist. 
30. Blake Lewis
Season 6
  • Currently Hosting weekly Idol party at his house; making music.
  • Formerly Idol's beat-boxing wonder and runner-up.
  • If he could compete on a season of Idol other than his own... "I would have loved to go on tour with my homie Elliott Yamin, so Season 5 would be one of my top choices. But the top choice would be Season 10 -- the amazing production, money, and talent Fremantle, 19, and AI have put into the show this year is incredible. I want pyro!"
  • If he could change his Idol elimination song... "I think my performance of 'This Is My Now' in the finale is what did me in. If I could go back and arrange it differently with more of my style, I would. Who knows, maybe I could have won it!"

Editor’s note: For those wondering, where were L.A. residents and Idol favorites Adam Lambert and David Cook? The latter had non-cancellable meetings apparently. The former? We’re not sure, but needless to say, we were beyond bummed that he couldn’t join our ridiculously fun shoot.
Thank you The Hollywoood Report for this article & picture

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Larry Benet and SANG Present "I'm With The Band" Live Celebrity Karaoke Benefit for Children's Hospital Los Angeles at Avalon

Elliott Yamin has such a generous heart! 
All I can say is Elliott is looking so good!


Elliott Yamin will be performing at this year’s Stone Soul 2011 Music And Food Festival. June 4th 12pm-8pm Brown's Island Virginia. Home town boy is back!
It looks like Elliott Yamin is the only funky white boy singing that day! There will be good soul food there, he will love it!