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We love You Elliott!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Elliott Yamin it one of the most talented singer that came out of any season of American Idol yet he is the least appreciated, which is really sad! One thing I can say is that his fans are extremely loyal and will always will be.  He beats out Kathleen McPhee and Taylor Hicks in album sales. His first album went Platinum in Japan and Gold in the States. Elliott has achieved a great deal.  He is still very much himself which is so great. He supports so many charities and has such a big heart! I know that His third CD will be a big hit! Elliott is so talented and I hope that he gets the right advise when needed! He needs to really hit it big because he deserves it and it works so hard. His songs have meaning and most songs on the top 10 or 100 have no real meaning just good dance music. I feel that things are about to change! It is harder to do it yourself as an Independent than a big record company but you have more control and you have more money for yourself. It is Elliott's time! People forget that Stevie Wonder told him on American Idol he needed to be in the business! Stevie never said that to anyone else! Stevie Wonder is Elliott's legend and hero. Elliott loves him!

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Anonymous said...

Really nice page.. Elliott is really damn talented and hope his next album is a huge just like the first one.. :)