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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elliott Yamin at the American Idol Finale

It was so good to see Elliott in the Finale along with the other contests from past seasons. Like Ace Young, Taylor Hicks just to name a few. I think season 5 was the best. I still think that Elliott should of won that season. What I remember that a lot of  people forget that it was the closest that any season got for the last three.  I think it was a third of point or something like that. So to Perez Hilton calling Elliott a has-been I would say to him-her look in the mirror because you never been!!!!! I don't like to be nasty but if anyone attacks Elliott Yamin I just get defensive.  I think he is the most talented artist of all the seasons of American Idol. I will always be a devoted fan.

 Thank you Elliott for the pictures of your friends!

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