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Thursday, March 4, 2010

American Idol' Elliott Yamin's diabetic scare: 'I'm fine' [Updated]

By Jethro Nededog
March 3, 2010 12:50 PM ET
Last Saturday, former "American Idol" contestant Elliott Yamin found himself in the middle of the 8.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Chile.

Soon afterward, his tweets captured the world's attention. But while he described the horror of the quake, he soon realized that he, himself, was in trouble.
"SOS," Yamin reached out via Twitter to media on Monday, March 1. "Can I fly back home with you!!...I am runnin' out of insulin!!"
Yamin, a Type 1 diabetic, had only packed enough insulin to get him through his planned trip through last Sunday. Local airports were closed for passenger flights, so that they can be used to deliver supplies and other earthquake relief to the area.
Now, Yamin reports he's doing OK on supplies.
"I am fine," Yamin tweeted this morning. "No need to worry about my meds! I have insulin. I will live!!"

ABC News reports that Yamin was able to get supplies from the U.S. Embassy and the manufacturer of his pump that should last him until he gets a flight out.

On Monday, Yamin said on "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest's radio show that he was able to get a flight out of Chile for today, Wed. March 3. There are no reports as to whether that flight came through for him.

Yamin's representatives have not returned Zap2it's request for confirmation that he was able to fly out today.  We hope he gets the flight and we're sending our best thoughts to the quake victims in Chile.

[Update 6:39 PM ET Yamin's rep, Mark Gorlick at The Collective, tells Zap2it that Yamin was unable to fly out of Chile on his scheduled flight today. There is no information as to the next possible flight out of the country. Gorlick says Yamin wants to fly out "as soon as possible." Now in Santiago, Chile, the "Idol" star has better access to insulin and medical services, so he continues to be fine when it comes to his diabetic medication.]

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