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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Elliott Yamin at the Melting Point: An Idol in Athens

18 January 2010 No Comment
DSC_0206 As anxious housewives and their unwitting husbands wined and dined, and pre-pubescent girls chattered away in their seats, the Melting Point held a very widely anticipated musical act, a man preceded only by his television reputation. The man in question? Elliott Yamin, a once-contestant on any talent scout’s dream program, American Idol, and Athens welcomed him with open arms and shrill screams.
The show was a quiet, relaxing affair, and although the guests never so much as stood at their seats, it was obvious that they were enjoying themselves. They weren’t the only ones having fun, though; Yamin and Co. played with the vigor of teenagers in their first band, but with the prowess of weathered veterans. Yamin’s voice was impeccable, as is to be expected from an American Idol finalist, and his bandmates provided a sufficient accompaniment. Though the rhythms were simple, the guitar timed perfectly with the drum machine’s percussive persistence, and the fluttery voice of Yamin’s backup singer meshed well with the overall sound.
The set breezed by, and Yamin effortlessly crooned cuts from  his new album. The crowd lingered on every word, singing along to his hit, “Wait for You.” If any of those in attendance came to see a band come together as a singular unit with complex musical artistry, they would’ve been sorely disappointed; however, I find it unlikely that they came to see anything but Yamin strut his vocal stuff. If that was indeed the case, the night would have been one to remember, as strut he did, wailing his heart out for his applauding fans. Elliott Yamin is a true vocal genius, and if you missed him at the Melting Point you’ll have to catch his harmonic stylings on his next roll through town.
-Zack Kraimer       Thank you Zack Kraimer from The Athens Blur Magazine for this review!

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