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Friday, January 29, 2010

Elliott leaves for Angola on Feb. 16. "Idol Gives Back"

Elliott Yamin is headed back to Angola for this year's "Idol Gives Back," and Kara DioGuardi is tagging along. "We're going back and Kara is rolling with me," Elliott tells Idol Tracker. "The last time I was there with Fantasia, we visited a school that had this flight of stairs that led to nowhere. They told me there wasn't enough money to finish building the school, so I got Exxon-Mobil to underwrite $100,000 so that the kids would have an adequate place to learn."
Elliott added that his role will be to take Kara around and "show her the ropes." The two will also present a check to Sister Dominguez and continue the "Idol Gives Back" initiative with Malaria No More, an organization that provides mosquito nets to help thwart the spread of malaria.
"This is very special to me," said Elliott. "It's a chance to go over there and show how Malaria No More, Exxon-Mobil and 'Idol Gives Back' are collectively putting that money to work and tangibly show that we're able to make a difference."
Elliott leaves for Angola on Feb. 16. "Idol Gives Back" is scheduled to air on April 21.
-- Shirley Halperin

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