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Monday, September 7, 2009

Elliott is planning and East Coast promotional tour

Croshal Entertainment, Inc states Elliott is planning and East Coast promotional tour. I really think that they are thinking too small. Elliott needs more exposure for his new cd to sell. If a artist plays small venues then you can expect the sales to be low. For some reason they are not going for talk shows or bigger venues. More people need to see and hear him! Elliott voice is so incredible. He is not going to other countries or breaking into other markets for some reason. I still think he should fire his marketing team, they are not helping him at all!!!! I think that he is trusting the wrong people! Right now he should be big, big, big but he is not why???? His marketing team should of went to Simon Cowell's America's Got Talent and Elliott could of been one of the top guest artists, millions and millions of people all over the world watch that show. There is also "So YouThink You Can Dance" half time they get top artists to perform. There are so many missed opportunities, which effect Elliottt's success or lack of.

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