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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Request Elliott Yamin's songs local radio stations!!!

Remember to request Elliott's songs on your local radio stations, continue until they play his songs!!!! Don't give up! We need to continue to support Elliott every way possible. We need to promotion Elliott when ever we can. His marketing team doesn't seem to be doing anything that is helping him in anyway. It appears that people are not giving him chance that is so wrong. Most of the radio stations are giving in to the major record labels and not giving independent artist the air play they should. I also believe that Elliott's management team is not marketing right or getting him in front of enough people. He needs to get on the top talk shows like Ellen or Regis etc. so millions of people see and hear him. I think that his management team has been thinking too small, they need to think bigger and better! That is why his album is not doing as well as it should. This new cd is better than the first and should of done better but he is not getting the air play. I don't blame him but his marketing and management teams. They need to smarten up and think out of the box. I really think that he needs to replace them.

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