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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elliott Communicating with His fans More

I have been checking out forums to see what fans are saying and it appears that they are little upset because Elliott has not been communicating with them as much as the first cd. There are so many avenues to use, not to use them to communicate is makes your fans feel that you don't need them! Or you don't appreciate all they do for an artist. Without your fans you would not get too far!!!! COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY!!!! I am a diehard fan and I would stay with Elliott but at times, I myself I got frustrated with no news. I realize that he gets busy, but it takes two minutes to twitter and let the fans know, how everything is going!! I also believe that his management has to do more for him. He needs to be seen by millions of people for his numbers to rise. He is not being promoted enough. His management needs to think bigger and better!!!! They need to rethink their marketing strategies because they are not working. What worked before does not always work. The industry is different now and so is the market. They need to think outside the box.
Elliott's future depends not only his talent but marketing and fans.