Please take some time to look around, listen to some really great music and watch youtube videos of Elliott's concert at Emporia in Virginia ,make some comments and take a poll or two. Please consider being a follower of my blog. I hope that you love Elliott's music as much as I do. I am always updating information as it comes in.

We love You Elliott!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elliott Communicating with His fans More

I have been checking out forums to see what fans are saying and it appears that they are little upset because Elliott has not been communicating with them as much as the first cd. There are so many avenues to use, not to use them to communicate is makes your fans feel that you don't need them! Or you don't appreciate all they do for an artist. Without your fans you would not get too far!!!! COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY!!!! I am a diehard fan and I would stay with Elliott but at times, I myself I got frustrated with no news. I realize that he gets busy, but it takes two minutes to twitter and let the fans know, how everything is going!! I also believe that his management has to do more for him. He needs to be seen by millions of people for his numbers to rise. He is not being promoted enough. His management needs to think bigger and better!!!! They need to rethink their marketing strategies because they are not working. What worked before does not always work. The industry is different now and so is the market. They need to think outside the box.
Elliott's future depends not only his talent but marketing and fans.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Elliott Yamin is #4 on Vh1 Hot Men of Summer

Vh1 seems to do one thing good and then turns around and continue to do stupid things like dropping Elliott from their voting list. I think it has a lot to do with major labels trying to block Independent Artists!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vh1 dropped Elliott Yamin from their voting list

Let us show Vh1 that no matter what they do, we will always do what we need to support Elliott Yamin!! They will not be able to stop Elliott Yamin or us!!! We need to vote like never before and get him back on the list ( We can wild card him back on the list)!! Request his songs even if they are no playing it because they will have too!! Let us go crazy for Elliott Yamin!!! Let us make him #1

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sales Update

Thank you Idol Chatter for posting Elliott Yamin's album sales update as of June 25/09 for Fight For Love. The figures are from Nielsen SoundScan 39,000. I think that he has done better than that but it is so hard to get any figures!!! People are saying that it is not bad, seeing no one is really selling much these days. The radio stations are not playing his music as much as they should and I feel that it is a real shame! But as fans of Elliott Yamin we have to continue bugging the radio stations to play Elliott's music continue voting on Vh1 and go and see him when he comes to our cities!!

Vh 1 voting is paying off!!!

Elliott Yamin is #16 this week and he is climbing. We can not let up, we have to continue to vote,vote and request more than ever!!! Let us make him #1.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Your favorite Elliott Yamin 's new songs are:

So far the two songs that stand out and are getting the most votes are "You Say" and "Apart from Me". I have also heard that "You Say" is #13 on internet radio.

Results of Older Polls

All the people polled think that Elliott Yamin has an incredible voice. 45 out of 45 people said that they would support Elliott by voting and requesting Fight for Love. 97% of people has bought Fight for Love. 93% of people would go see Elliott Yamin if he would come to their city. I asked people if they thought that Fight For Love would do better than his last cd and 37 % said yes and 22% not sure and 2% said no. I also ask if people have seen Elliott Yamin and 85% said yes and 14% said no.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Elliott Yamin in Japan

Elliott Yamin has had sold out crowds in Japan. He is really loved there!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Vh1 is keeping Elliott down

I have found out that Elliott get more votes than anyone else, but the folks at Vh1 is keeping him down for some reason! Elliott is really loved and I don't think this is fair! We need to contnue voting, voting and maybe they will change how they do things!!!!!

Elliott Yamin Japan's Once Midtown Studio

It look like they are having fun with the Studio's host

Thank you to Siba0116

I want to thank Siba0116 of youtube for great video of Elliott Yamin singing in Japan! We appreciate all that you do!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I think something funny is happening with Vh1 because I voted till my fingers felt numb and I know other did too and Elliott just moved up one stop. I think that the artist that have major label have their spots saved for them. I just don't know what we can do? We need to keep having faith!!!!
I believe no matter what is going on Elliott Yamin will win in the end!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Keep Your Faith

I have been reading some blogs and forums and it appears that some people are getting discouraged because they request Fight for Love and they don't heard it on the radio!! Don't lose hope, because if we bug them enough they will have to playing it. I also feel that Elliott's management should let his fans know more of what is happening and how everything is going. They should be promoting him more. He should be on all the talk shows etc so millions of people are exposed to his incredible voice and he would be get more sales and more fans from it. I feel that someone is slipping up. There is so much opportunity here and no one seems to be doing anything worth while.

Elliott has landed in Japan for his promotion tour

Thanks to Itslate from Etrainforum

Radio Tour
(thanks Siba for translation)
June 12

Fuji TV "Waratte Iitomo!" guest appearance

June 13

-TFM COSMO POPS BEST10 live performance

-TFM "Think About Aids" live performance

-TOWER RECORDS mini concert

June 15

he'll visit 7 radio stations in Tokyo/Kanto area in just one day!

-FM Yokohama

Full Band Tour
June 17 Tokyo Billboard Live
June 18 Tokyo Billboard Live
June 19 Tokyo Billboard Live
June 20 Tokyo Billboard Live
June 22 Osaka Billboard Live
June 23 Osaka Billboard Live
June 24 Fukuoka Billboard Live

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Elliott Yamin isTruly Blessed

His talent is God given and natural. I truly believe that his new album will take off and be a number one hit in the world. We have not seen anything yet!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Billboard 200

Elliott Yamin is 154 out of 200 on Billboard. We all need to get his number down. Elliott really needs more airtime. We all need to support him more!!!! We need to request "Fight for Love" more and vote and keep on voting on Vh1 as many times as possible. I vote continuously nearly all day and must of the night so he can get to #1. His marketing people need to get him more exposure like talk shows etc. So millions are exposed to his music. He will be Japan starting June 17/09. Come on everyone let us do all we can for Elliott!!!! We need to promote Elliott Yamin, he needs our help!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Elliott has dropped two spots on Vh1.He is #19, last week we was #17 We need to get him to #1. I have voted so much that my hand is numb!! I need all Elliott Yamin fans to pull double duty and vote, vote and vote!!! He really needs your support. We need to proof to Japan that the people of North America loves him more!!! Japan made Elliott Yamin's Wait for You Platinum we didn't. We need to step up and do our part!!!! Let us show Ellott Yamin we love him!!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Elliott at Fly92.3 Summer Jam 2009

Summer Jam June 5/09 at PaperMill Island, Baldwinsville NY York

Kiss the summer hello

check out the slideshow of Kiss98.5's Kiss the summer hello show. I put the link at the below.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Elliott Yamin is in Buffalo Today (June3/09)

Leah Falkowski Buffalo Concert Examiner wrote:
Buffalo will be graced with the sounds of Elliott Yamin on Wednesday, June 3rd. Yamin, who placed third on the fifth season of American Idol is one of six artists playing Kiss 98.5's Kiss the Summer Hello. The annual festival will be held at newly renamed Coca-Cola Field, formally Pilot Field and Dunn Tire Park.

The 30 year old singer has found success since his days on American Idol. In 2007 he released his self-titled CD which not only debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums chart but was also certified gold. Last month Yamin released his newest album, Fight For Love. His sophmore album has reached #4 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums and #26 on the Billboard 200. Unlike many Idol stars, Yamin has continued to catch fans' ears since he his day on the popular TV show.

Yamin will be taking the stage with artists 3OH!3, The White Tie Affair, Kevin Rudolf, The Ting Tings, & The Veronicas. You can read my 3OH!3 preview and White Tie Affair preview here on Examiner.com. Tickets are still available to this years festival and run from $20-$35. For more information and tickets you can go to Tickets.com.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Elliott is #19 on billboard's for top Independent Album

It appears that Elliott is not doing as good as last week, when he was #9 for top independent albums. I am just hoping that his sales will start to climb soon. I know that his sales will be a great deal better in Japan because they just love him there!!!!

Remember to Vote for Elliott On Vh1 Top 20

Last week Elliott was #17 on Vh1. Let us all vote and make him #1. Let us all promote Elliott Yamin. Request daily his song "Fight For Love" We need to get him more exposure and air time on the radio!!!